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Following the release of a study done by the Indiana Chamber of Commerce Foundation, Indiana has begun a conversation about school counseling, its role in the schools, its impact on students, and its vital importance to students’ success. With luck, other states will follow suit.

For those looking for jobs on the East coast, this might be of interest. “School district officials are looking for candidates to fill 18 counseling positions in Arlington schools to keep up with increased demands.”

I was saddened a few days ago to read about yet another school shooting, this one in Oregon. You can read the latest updates here

And in another example of adolescent violence, two girls in Wisconsin, allegedly inspired by a virtual (and fictional) character known as Slenderman, stabbed a friend of theirs twelve times.

Today’s news reports are filled with reports (video)of accidents caused by people who text and drive, but it seems like I don’t hear as much as I used to about the dangers of drinking and driving. This program, put together by the counseling department at Klahowya Secondary School in Silverdale, Washington serves as a powerful reminder to students headed for prom and graduation parties.

Many school counselors teach empathy as part of their standard curricula. Harvard wonders if a game simulation can help.

The students at Manhattan Country School, which is just 43 percent white, visit one another’s homes during the school day. What a creative way to help kids gain cultural understanding and teach them mutual acceptance.