There’s no denying that being a victim of bullying can leave lasting psychological and social scars. Victims are more likely to experience depression, anxiety, and problems in developing healthy social connections for years after the experience. But according to a new study, it gets even worse—the people bullying them may actually experience health benefits from their ruthless behavior.” The article comes from Time magazine (and includes a link to the aforementioned study), but I found it via MetaFilter, and because I think MeFi’s comment thread on the subject is worth your time, you can find that here.

Sarah Cymbaluk of Fosston, Minnesota, is a frustrated mom who took matters into her own hands. After claiming that her daughter was repeatedly bullied on the school bus and the school did nothing about it, she posted a video on Facebook.” While I understand this parent’s frustration, I can’t help but think that this re-victimizes her child. The article doesn’t state the specific steps the mother took before resorting to social networks, but if the principal was unaware of the situation prior to its appearance in the media there were probably several alternatives that hadn’t yet been explored.