It’s been a while since I’ve linked to useful resources, so here are a few for you to check out.

Padlet lets you create interactive white boards in your computer’s browser. You can keep them private or share them. Add text, video, links, whatever. Do you need to share resources and tips with college-bound high school students and their parents? Do you have first-day-of-school suggestions for the families of incoming kindergarteners? Maybe you want to share guidance curricula and lesson plans with other counselors in your district. Padlet can help. You can see a gallery of existing boards here.

With ThingLink  you can “make your images come alive with music, video, text, images, shops and more.” ThingLink also has iOS and Android apps.

Data driven accountability has become one of the big watchwords in education, and school counselors need to be able to document their time, strategies, and effectiveness for their administrations. Infographics are a quick and powerful way of doing that, but they take time to create. Easel.ly can help. In the same vein, have a look at infogr.am.

Need icons for a report or presentation? Check out the Noun Project. Free access to downloadable public domain icons. They also have Creative Commons icons, which are free to use as long as you agree to include attribution in your project.

Using your own photos, you can create trading cards, jigsaw puzzles, badges, and much, much more at Big Huge Labs. Free membership. Cool stuff. What more could a busy, cash-strapped school counselor want?