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50 years after the Supreme Court decision struck down ‘separate but equal,’ scholastic opportunities for African-Americans have expanded. But inequality remains a major problem.” An interesting read about current demographic trends from The Atlantic.

For the first time in U.S. history, the national high school graduation rate surpassed 80 percent in 2012.” The related report is here (pdf). Exciting news.

Here we go again.  “Yik Yak, which launched in December 2013, ‘allows individuals to post comments anonymously, essentially operating as a Twitter without handles.’ It’s similar to confession apps like Secret and Whisper, but it’s worse, because it works in hyper-local zones like schools.” You can read a first person account of the problems it caused at one school here. I’ve mentioned Yik Yak before, and while I’m pleased to know that they’ve geo-fenced most U.S. middle and high schools, the app still concerns me.