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Here’s a cautionary tale for those well-intentioned school counselors who sometimes make decisions that embroil their communities in controversy. In this case, a student-made video intended to promote No Name Calling Week was forwarded to parents via the school’s email. Its contents? A three-minute explanation of the differences between LGBT and Q.

The relationship between education and technology is by turns amicable and adversarial, with many educators aware of both the potential benefits and possible pitfalls of allowing things like iPads and cell phones in their classrooms. With all that in mind, here’s an interesting story about a developer who’s working hard to harness the powers of technology to help meet the needs of classroom teachers.

In an attempt to put pressure on colleges to address their rape and sexual assault statistics, Congress has suggested that U.S. News & World Report consider taking this data into account when determining its annual college rankings.

On Thursday, [Tennessee] Governor Bill Haslam signed the Religious Viewpoints Anti-Discrimination Act, which affirms that religious students should have the same free-speech rights as secular ones.” On its surface, there doesn’t seem to be anything controversial about this, but read the article. Things are more complicated than they seem.