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As a 3-year-old, [children’s book author] Eric [Carle]was photographed in an embrace with a little girl in a white dress. The image carried no identification. Over many decades, he grew more intrigued about the tale behind the girl in the photo, to the point where a fanciful take on her story became central to a book called “Friends” that Eric released last year.” This is the sweet, heartwarming story of how Eric Carle finally found his old friend. Read the story for yourself, then share it with your students, maybe during a classroom guidance lesson about friendship and based on Mr. Carle’s book (Amazon link).

This article is written by the author of the the book College is Yours 2.0 (Amazon link), so it isn’t exactly unbiased. Still, it makes a fair point about the need for dedicated coursework in college counseling as a part of school counselor preparation programs.

Just under 66 percent of the class of 2013 was enrolled in college last fall, the lowest share of new graduates since 2006 and the third decline in the past four years.” This is a concerning, if understandable trend. College costs more than ever, leaving many students deeply in debt, and too often, students who do get degrees, can’t find suitable work. But the fact is, students who complete a college degree still have a significantly higher annual earnings potential than those who don’t