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Some may still consider bullying a harmless part of growing up, but mounting evidence suggests that the adverse effects of being bullied aren’t something kids can just shake off. The psychological and physical tolls, like anxiety and depression, can follow a person into early adulthood.” The results of this British study won’t come as any surprise to anybody who suffered at the hands of a bully as a child.

This is a brilliant way to help kids understand and give meaningful apologies. Found by way of Metafilter. The original link, with its comment trail, is here. Note: I generally find Metafilter comment trails to be thoughtful and troll free.

In an earlier post I linked to an article about how long it takes to form a habit. Here’s one in a similar vein, only instead of being about how long it takes to create a habit this one’s about how best to use that time (ie: massed practice vs. spaced practice).