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An Ohio juvenile correctional facility placed a child, who was on suicide watch and psychiatric medication, in solitary confinement for 1,964 hours between April and September of last year.” I wonder if this situation is at all related to this one.

Kalamazoo … best known for its strange name and the industries it was no longer home to, was about to launch the most generous municipal college scholarship program in the country, an audacious experiment not only in education reform but in re-engineering a troubled town.” Grab a beverage, settle in, and read.

How many school counselors use posters or something similar to help our younger students identify emotions? Well, they’re about to get more complicated.

A growing number of educators and social entrepreneurs across the country are discovering that the secret to learning empathy, emotional literacy, self-awareness, cooperation, effective communication, and many of the other skills classified as ‘social and emotional learning,’ lies in experience, not in workbooks and rote classroom exercises.” Something to think about when planning your classroom guidance lessons.