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From London:  “When children turn into bullies, there is almost always a psychological reason why they do so. While the majority of children don’t turn to bullying, the ones that do are usually crying out for help.”

A lot of school counselors run study-skills groups. Linda Gross, a state-certified reading specialist suggests taking a multi-sensory approach to studying. I do a lot of studying myself—mostly self-inflicted, since I’m passionate about staying current in my field. I use all kinds of colored highlighters and markers when I work, but I’d not previously considered adding colored index cards to my toolbox.

“…public school students receive an average of 38 minutes of college admissions advice from their guidance counselors—a tiny percentage of the time needed to navigate a process that is challenging for even the most highly educated families.” This article is based on a report of New York City schools (You can find it here), but probably applies nationwide. This dismal statistic makes sense in light of the nationwide average ratio of 471 students/counselor.

And from Canada, an article about a new approach to sex education.