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For all the information and raised awareness, the stereotype won’t die—eating disorders are a white-woman problem … An African-American girl came in and her mom suggested to the school principal that they start a program to increase eating disorder awareness. The principal looked at her and said, ‘Why would we have that? Black folks don’t get eating disorders.’ ” On stereotyping and eating disorders. Unfortunately, though this article goes to great lengths to point out that eating disorders don’t observe racial or ethnic boundaries, it fails to note that these illnesses don’t discriminate by gender, either.

I mentioned in an earlier post that the parents of bullies are starting to get sued for their children’s behavior. Now, “A fed-up father has asked a judge for a restraining order against a 9-year-old boy accused of verbally and physically assaulting his son at his school.”

Black students in American public schools are significantly more likely than white students to be suspended and the racial disparity begins even as early as preschool, according to a new government report.” The press release from the Department of Education is here, and you can access the report’s data here through the OCR (Office for Civil Rights).

“…anorexia is not always about wanting to be extremely thin — sometimes it’s about wanting to feel in control.” An important point about eating disorders that sometimes gets missed.