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Most head lice found in North America now carry a gene mutation that makes them resistant to standard over-the-counter treatments, a new study cautions.”  Is anybody else suddenly feeling itchy?”  *shudder*

Half of Sikh children reported that they are bullied in school, according to a study released Thursday — a number that rises to more than two-thirds if they wear a turban that covers their long, uncut hair in accordance with their religion.” And once again, the student who’s different is the one who gets bullied. Though I try to be pragmatic, it makes me a little sad when fear and misunderstanding get in the way of empathy and cross-cultural friendship.

I mentioned California’s new transgender student law in an earlier post. If you go here, you can read about Pat Cordova-Goff, one of the first students to benefit under its guidelines.

If you need a quick brush up on cutting and self-harm, or an easy-to-understand guide for parents, try this. It doesn’t go in depth, but it does provide some solid, basic facts. Note especially that, “It might look like a suicide attempt, but kids who self-harm are looking for help, not a way out.”