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This is intriguing.  “Evidence that a brain chemical called Oxytocin can help autistic people pay more attention to social cues is prompting some researchers to examine whether the drug could have any impact on those battling with anorexia, which lacks a pharmacological medication.”

Anybody who’s worked with these populations can probably attest to this from experience, but this article has research behind it. To whit:  “black children are more likely to be involved in bullying (as aggressor, victim, or bystander) than other groups. Additionally, Stopbullying.gov … found that black and Hispanic children who are bullied are more likely to do poorly in school than their white counterparts.”

Anybody who’s raised a teenager knows that the vast majority of them are not morning people. Increasingly, the science agrees. Now, “the sputtering, nearly 20-year movement to start high schools later has recently gained momentum … as hundreds of schools in dozens of districts across the country have bowed to the accumulating research on the adolescent body clock.”

I mentioned Yik Yak in an earlier post. At the time, I mentioned that the app’s developers planned on using geo-fencing to block the application from middle and high school campuses. “As of early this morning, Yik Yak has applied … geo-fences across the U.S., and says that now the app is inaccessible on a large majority of U.S. high school and middle school campuses.” Good for them. Banning the app on campus won’t solve every problem, but it’ll help.

I usually focus more on national news than local, but I first saw this on on Reddit, and I suspect it’s going to go viral. As is typical in these situations, we’re only seeing part of the story in the media because the school is bound by privacy laws. The original news story is here (includes video).

After 50 years of treating thousands of ADHD patients, [Dr. Richard] Saul, a behavioral neurologist, declares that not one of those people had ADHD. Instead, he argues, they were presenting a cluster of symptoms stemming from 20 other conditions and disorders ranging from poor eyesight to bipolar disorder to giftedness.” I disagree, though I do think it’s over-diagnosed, since the symptoms of so many other issues can mimic those of ADHD.

I hesitate to link to any article that claims to identify a possible cause of autism after the vaccine debacle that still has some parents confused. But being informed means being informed of everything, or as close to everything as is reasonably possible. With that in mind, I give you this.

For those of you working at the middle and high school levels, here’s a succinct explanation of the upcoming changes to the SAT that students and their parents may find helpful.