I hesitated to link to this, both because I’m reserving judgment on Common Core and because it’s such a divisive topic. I live in a state that has embraced the new standards, and I work with students who are subject to the related testing and evaluation process. Honestly, I don’t feel CCSS has been in place long enough to determine how it might help or hinder the overall educational process. The blog post I’ve linked to here is a diatribe against the Common Core, so read it with that in mind. That said, the writer does ask a good question:  “Does being “college and career ready” and being educated mean the same thing?

This article made me want to stand up and cheer. I get so, so tired of seeing teachers and education denigrated in the media and in any comment trail that follows an article about something that happened in a school. Oh, and beware (most of) the comment trail <sigh>.