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I’ve played a simple version of Cross the Line with groups of kids before as an Icebreaker/getting-to-know-you activity. I like to use questions like:  “Cross the line if you’ve ever left the state.” or “Cross the line if you don’t like green beans.” I’ve never seen it used like this, though, and I’d certainly not take this approach myself in a school setting. That said, I don’t feel qualified to pass judgment because I don’t know exactly what questions were asked or why. That said, this school’s experience should serve as a cautionary tale for those considering implementing this in guidance programs.

Is your school looking to change its approach to suicide prevention? You might find this Model School District Policy might be helpful.

School counselors often get short shrift in the media, so it’s nice to see this opinion piece in the Huffington Post supporting National School Counseling Week and the vital but often invisible work that school counselors do.