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It’s no secret that the cost of a college education has been rising sharply for a while, now. It isn’t often, though, that I see an article that addresses the impact of these increasing expenses on single parent families. This is short, not particularly in depth, and suggests only some of the most familiar avenues toward seeking financial aid. Still, it’s nice to see somebody thinking about the issue.

You won’t find many school counselors who believe their counselor to student ratio is too low. In fact, the average, last I saw, was something like 471:1, as opposed to ASCA’s recommended 250:1 (PDF). Samantha Haviland, president of the Colorado School Counselor Association and a former student at Columbine High School, is uniquely qualified to understand how vital it is that schools be able to provide adequate mental health support for their students. In a recent address to Colorado’s School Legislature, she said: “When you are talking impact and where do we prioritize in order to prevent school violence—we have the drills in place, we have the locked doors in place, but we do not have the mental services in place.”

In three states, not a single girl took the Advanced Placement exam in computer science last year. In eight states, no Hispanic students took it. And in 11 states, no black students took the test.” An interesting article on Tech’s diversity problem in high school.