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SnapChat, a supposedly “safe” way to share images and text—pictures are automatically deleted after ten seconds—isn’t actually all that safe. Adam McLane, a pastor, points out another important fact, and one that kids, especially girls, need to be aware of: “…It convinces their target audience…that everything goes away, that’s the marketing line. … that’s not what we know to be true about social media.”

I tend to focus most of my attention on what’s going on here in the U.S., but this case, from Canada, caught my eye. “A Canadian teenage girl has been found guilty of distributing child pornography in connection with ‘sexting’ pictures of her boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend.” Here’s a parallel story from Pennsylvania (2009) and here’s another, from Virgina (2013). Our students need to know that sexting can land them in jail. It might not stop them from doing it, but maybe they’ll at least think for a second before hitting the send button.

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