As is often the case with online news articles, it’d be wise to avoid the comment trail on this article about a student who got suspended for hugging a teacher. In today’s litigious society, any physical contact with a student is a risk. In this particular case, the student initiated the contact which, by all accounts was both uninvited and unwanted. So. One year suspension. Warranted? Or not?

Every so often I see a news story told by way of Twitter. I especially love this one, about a pair of brothers who are fighting their way out of poverty. I’d suggest grabbing a box of tissues before you read.

I read pretty widely on the Internet, and one of my favorite sites is Metafilter. Here’s a fascinating article about the difference between sympathy and empathy. Also? The comment trail is at least as good as the article under discussion. Oh, and make sure you follow the link to the related video.

Counselors walk a fine line between advocating for their students, meeting the needs of parents and administrators, and supporting the teachers in their schools. One of the most important skills in a counselor’s toolbox, in my opinion, is the ability to inspire teamwork and to work cooperatively, especially in the aftermath of an incident of school violence.