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This is brilliant. It’s a story that aired on NPR back in July about ‘beep baseball,’ which makes it possible for blind and nearly blind children to enjoy a uniquely American sport. There’s even a World Series!

However you feel about the marijuana laws that are sweeping the nation, the fact that it can sometimes ease a child’s pain or help prevent seizures is worth serious consideration.

The DSM-5 has reclassified what used to be known Asperger’s disorder as autism spectrum disorder. It’s a very broad designation whose effects vary widely. The autistic children I’ve worked with have very different needs and abilities. Here’s a story about a college student with the disorder and how, lacking appropriate supports, he lost his chance at a college education

“…while there is no single factor that is responsible for making a child either a bully or the target of bullies, children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) are found in both groups in larger numbers than children without the disorder.” I don’t have much to add except to say that this doesn’t surprise me, since by definition ADHD students are “different” and therefore more likely to be targets.