In Missouri, a group of counselors has banded together to combat a problem called summer melt (wherein some high school graduates don’t make it to college) by opening a “High School to College Center.” Nifty idea!

Is your school system considering the pros and cons of a year-round calendar? Here’s an article about one county in North Carolina that’s giving the idea a try.

I’ve been watching (and may have mentioned it in this blog before) the development of MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) as a possible alternative educational pathway for some students. So far, results are pretty mixed, but Georgia Tech (whose computer science department is among the nation’s top ten) is apparently undeterred and will soon offer a masters degree in computer science that is based entirely on the MOOC model. At less than $7,000 projected total cost per student, it’s an exciting prospect.

Are you putting together a study skills group for your high school students? Maybe a seminar on “how to succeed in college?” Check out this article for some great tips on How to be an Effective University Student.