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In Indiana, a bullying related lawsuit filed against the Indianapolis Public Schools by a former student named Dynasty Young resulted in a settlement that included sixty-five thousand dollars and the clearing of an expulsion from Dynasty’s school records. Dynasty, who’d been harassed for eight months, had been expelled for defending himself against a group of students who’d surrounded and threatened to attack him.

Kelly Bear C.A.R.E.S. (Character and Resiliency Education Skills) is a character building curriculum suitable for kids aged 5-9

The Universal Encouragement Program “is a customizable online guidance assessment, reporting, communications, and evaluation system designed to help counselors … document and respond to students’ career and education needs, interests, and experiences.”Universal Encouragement Program

“What Do I Like to Do? assists … in the measurement of a student’s interests and provides reproducible activities for immediate use.” I don’t have the funds to buy this right now, but it looks like it has some great resources for planning the career development portions of a comprehensive guidance program. Also available here, at Amazon.

Need some data for a project you’re working on related to school crime and safety? Try this.

GradNation provides “Resources and tools to help your community and your schools raise graduation rates and better prepare young people for success.” From AmericasPromise.org

The Safe Schools Coalition is “an international public-private partnership in support of LGBT youth.