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Not every student can afford to attend a four-year college or university, and for some, community college is out of reach, too. MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses), can be one way for those students who are motivated and determined to self-educate their way to success. I’ve also been watching WEU, a MOOC provider that is currently seeking accreditation in California. Here’s more about WEU from EmergingEdTech online.

For more on MOOCs, read this. I’ve been watching them for a few years now, intrigued. The drop-out rate is incredibly high,  and I’m not hearing about any of them being profitable. Still, if they can find a way through those roadblocks, MOOCs could be a great option for a segment of the world’s population that desperately needs options.

Need a learning inventory for a small group? Try this one (pdf) from Harding University. Or, depending on how you feel about Gardner’s multiple intelligences theory, maybe have a look at this one (also a pdf).