The popularity of social networking sites seems to rise and fall with the seasons. Last year, battles erupted among the group of fourth through sixth grade students I work with over who had friended (or not friended) whom on Instagram. Now Snapchat is gaining popularity, presumably for the anonymity factor. The app is designed so that pictures and emails are automatically deleted from the receiver’s phone after a set period of time. People need to be aware, though, that Snapchat’s auto-delete feature is relatively easy to circumvent.

Back in June, President Obama and Secretary of Education Arne Duncan announced a $300 million competitive grant program called “High School Redesign.” The grant is intended to provide funding to schools that are working toward stronger career and technical education programs.

AP or Dual Credit:  Which Approach is Best for High Schoolers?

The concept of a gap year is gaining in popularity as more and more students take a year off between high school and college. Some colleges even allow students to defer their admittance for a year if they outline their gap year plans. And therein lies the rub. Taking a gap year can be a good way for a student to find out what he or she really wants to study in college, but care has to be taken that a single gap year doesn’t grow to two, three, or more.