Here’s a long (5 page) story on the dangers of sexting. It’s also a couple of years old (first published back in 2011). Still, it’s an excellent overview of how one mistake, in this case a young woman sending a naked picture of herself to a boy she was interested in, can have lifelong ramifications.

Do you know the status of your state’s bullying prevention laws? If not, go here to find out.

Jaredstory.com, a website developed by the mother of a student for whom bullying lead to depression and eventually suicide offers a compendium of resources on bullying, depression, and suicide prevention. It’s targeted more toward parents and kids, but it’s a good resource for counselors to have on hand, as well.

This video of a bullying incident that took place on a Eugene, Oregon school bus is a bit dated (2003), but counselors preparing bullying-prevention training might find it useful.