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I’ve never been a big fan of school vending machines, since they always seemed to offer overpriced junk food that neither provided any nutritional value nor filled students’ stomachs. So I was pleased to hear that new federal guidelines are changing all that. The vending machines will still be there, but maybe I’ll be less grumbly about them if, instead off offering potato chips and candy bars, they offer fresh fruit and trail mix.

If you’re working at the middle or high school level, are you familiar with your state’s Safe Haven laws? 

Oh, this is fantastic! The University of Iowa’s College of Education’s Student School Counselor Association (that’s a mouthful, but I wish my school had had one of those) sponsored a book drive that resulted in providing reading material and literacy information to 104 preschoolers. What a wonderful idea!

If you aren’t aware of your state/county/school system’s laws and policies regarding transgendered students, you should find out what they are. A school counselor who is informed and aware of the law on this issue can help his or her administrator/coaches/teachers avoid potential Title IX lawsuits.

And, since we’re on the subject, California has the nation’s first law protecting transgender students. It looks like it codifies previously existing guidelines, but some schools weren’t following those guidelines.