Most of the gun control legislations that popped up after Sandy Hook went nowhere. Considering the strength of the NRA and the far right, I’m not surprised. But it saddens me that the few voices we heard calling out for better mental health services, both in the schools and in the country at large, have also been silenced. The stigma against mental health issues is still so pervasive and overwhelming that both legislators and, in large part, citizens, continue to ignore the problem rather than approach it head on. How many tragedies will it take to awaken the American public to the fact that compassion and treatment are far, far better methods of prevention than prisons, homelessness, or blinders?

When we work with kids who are considering college, we need to do more than help them fill out applications and apply for scholarships. We need to help them understand the true costs of college and the long-term effects of the choices they make. While it’s important to encourage students to reach high, it’s equally important that their reach is grounded in solid financial understanding and awareness.

Zeega is another tool for counselors. This one might be useful in small group settings, wherein you help your students craft an interactive video that tells a story. The video could be something used strictly in the counseling setting, or, depending on the topic, it could be shared with larger groups or even the school at large.