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Some people have very black/white perceptions of video games for kids. Either it’s all good, or it’s all bad (though what self-respecting elementary/middle schooler doesn’t love Minecraft?). There are a vast number of games, though, that provide both entertainment and education and which, played in moderation, can help students perform better in school and in life. From Mindshift comes this excellent list of some to consider.

Also from Mindshift, this article on homework. In the perennial tug-of-war between those who think all homework is bad and those who think it a necessary evil, there seems to be a growing shift toward the belief that “less is better.”

Managing a school lunch program is a tricky balancing act of compassion versus reality. While administrators don’t want to see kids go hungry, school budgets already stretched thin, can’t always accommodate those students whose lunch accounts are in arrears. This article, about a middle school that was forced to turn kids away from the lunch line if they couldn’t pay, has a comment trail that’s a pretty clear indicator of the conflicted state of public opinion on the matter.