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I love news stories about kids who do fabulous things. Here’s a high school student who landed a three book publishing deal with Random House. Good for her!

In Greeley Colorado, Niki Quinby’s Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) class hosted a soccer tournament as a way to foster cultural understanding and acceptance between students who hail from sixteen different nationalities. The event, called the Culture Cup, “featured 33 students on four fields in a single-elimination tournament.”

A five-year-old girl in the UK discovered a new species of dinosaur. She found the dinosaur fossil during a walk on the beech with her family. The new species, a type of pterosaur, was named in Daisy Morris’s honor. Encouraged and supported by her parents, Daisy regularly collects dead animals, allows them to decompose, and then studies their skeletal remains. Unusual and disgusting hobby? Or a scientific great in the making?

I’m still catching up with older news stories, and this one dates back to March. A young lady in Midvale, Utah didn’t want to eat her cheeseburger, which had been served to her cut in half. When asked why, the seven-year-old autistic girl stated that it was broken. Without missing a beat, the family’s server apologized for the broken burger and promised Arianna a brand new “fixed” one. This is a lovely, heart-warming story. If you’ve not seen it already, I’d encourage you to check it out.

And while we’re on the subject of heartwarming stories, check out this YouTube video about an autism service dog and her boy.