In order to most effectively prevent bullying, we must first have a solid working definition of what bullying really is. The term has become ubiquitous, appearing in the media with such frequency that it’s losing its true meaning. Bullying isn’t the same thing as teasing. It also isn’t necessarily present in every two-way conflict. True bullying requires a power differential between the students involved. It’s also repetitive, and it can take many different forms.

Complaints about a teacher’s inappropriate sexual conduct with students were ignored, leading to an expensive court settlement and complete restructuring of Miramonte elementary school in Los Angeles.

How to get the most out of your college campus visit – Good tips for high school students and their parents.

Reddit’s Ask Me Anything memes are often fascinating. This one, asking people who were bullies in school why they were bullies, is a fascinating read.

UNC Chapel Hill is under three investigations for underreporting sex crimes, failure to properly adjudicate rape at the school and discouraging victims from reporting the crime.