Beset by budgetary restrictions, school counselors have to find creative ways to engage students in classroom guidance lessons. One idea?  Foldables. Most often used in science and language arts classes, they can also augment guidance lessons while improving the likelihood that kids will remember the material.

Remember Random Acts of Kindness? The fad may have passed, but the reason behind it hasn’t. Lifting a child’s self-esteem can be as simple as taking the time to share a kind word. Here’s how the students at Dixie Bee Elementary School in Terre Haute Indiana are using random acts of kindness to improve morale.

We work hard to make sure our schools are welcoming places for students, but it’s important that parents feel welcome, as well. There are many ways to do this. Here are fifteen suggestions.

Social media is often in the news these days, but the stories are more often about the problems it causes than about how it can be used positively. This article explains four ways in which schools can connect with parents via social media. Counselors using social media need to take care to maintain professional and ethical standards, but that doesn’t necessarily have to entail complete avoidance of what can be very effective communication tools.

The flipside of utilizing social media is the conundrum of what to do about those kids who don’t have access to mobile technology. Bill Ferriter, a sixth-grade teacher in North Carolina, suggests that instead of waiting until every student has Internet access, schools should find ways that students can use the access they do have to improve their educational experience.