The kids are all right – A fitting first link. This blog will most often link to ways in which kids might be in need of additional support. With that in mind, it’s worth noting, as this article does, that the vast majority of our nation’s youth is doing just fine.

From PsychCentral comes this interesting article about students faking ADHD in order to gain secondary rewards eg: extra time on tests and special assistance in the classroom. The comment trail is also worth your attention.

This a sobering look at burnout based on a fictional New York educator.

I’m of mixed opinion on this blog post from Education Week. On the one hand, there are kids who come to school ill-prepared to learn, and parents bear a certain amount of responsibility for that. On the other hand, Ms. Flynn oversimplifies the problem, putting the onus for education entirely on the students and their parents. Effective education has to be a collaborative effort, not a combative one.

In the New York Review of Books, Diane Ravitch discusses the highly successful Finnish educational system and compares it to current reform efforts in the U.S., positing that the direction the U.S. is taking is both destructive and demoralizing.